Below are some of the thank you letters we have received.

We love our new deck, color and workmanship. Was done on schedule, cleaned up and looks great. Thank you very much.

Rudy Janzen

Thanks so much for your courteous service - believe me when I tell you it is a refreshing change!

With Thanks, L. Wallace

Thankyou so much for sending your installer to put that new vinyl on our deck. He was very professional, and cleaned everything up so well. Our deck is great!

Mrs. Peters

Thanks for a job well done. I like it a lot. I appreciate the way men cleaned up and left everything neat and tidy.

Mr. Janzen

Thankyou for the great job on my patio, I'm enjoying sitting out there now.

Sincerely, Sara U.

Dear whomever did the 4 plex deck covering,

Thank-you so much. It was such an amazing sight when I arrived at school this morning. Your beautiful contribution is such a gift for those of us who use the 4 plex.

Our new entry better reflects our school and the level of service we wish to extend to our students and their parents.


What a lovely way to start our new year and what a beautiful job you have done!!

Thank-you so much, Patricia

I want to thank you on behalf of L.I.F.E Recovery Association for the work in kind we received from you for our beautiful new deck. It certaintly is a big improvement from what we had and gives new life to the look of the recovery house.

It is through generous donations of labour and financial support that L.I.F.E Recovery Association is able to keep operating and to continue investing into the lives of women who are working through their addictions.

Thank you again for investing ino L.I.F.E Recovery Association and ultimately our commmunity. As our clients are able to come out of an addictive lifestyle, they are ultimatley ready to begin giving back to the community. You have helped to facilitate this and we are grateful.


Kamie McConnel, MA
Executive Director
L.I.F.E Recovery Association



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