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Why a vinyl deck might be right for you!

1. You want a maintenance-free solution.

Vinyl decks are a great solution to the weather we have in the Fraser Valley, BC. We get nice hot days in the summer, punctuated by heavy rain, light rain, and then we go into a long, rainy fall, winter, and spring.

Vinyl decks are easy to clean! We recommend using low pressure water and a mild soap. Car wash soap works great as a detergent and using a push broom to scrub usually gets the job done. Click here for our FAQ page!

2. You want to be able to store things under your deck.

The decks we install are roofing-grade, which means you will be able to store things underneath without worrying about water damage! This is vastly different from a wooden deck, which leaks, and is subject to rot after years of rainy weather.

3. You want the look of wood, without the maintenance of wood.

We have many decking swatch options available! Click here to go to our swatches page. Deck swatches like Silver Maple and Boardwalk look a lot like wood, but won't give you splinters, or rot. View pictures of our decks here.

4. You want something that will last a long time.

The roof-grade vinyl we install is thick and sturdy, able to withstand years of BC weather. Our decks come with a 5-year warranty. This would cover things like seams coming apart, adhesion, etc.

Next steps

Does a maintenance-free, leak-free, long lasting and beautiful deck sound like what you need for your home? Are you interested in installing a vinyl deck? Click here to get in touch with our decking experts, and to get a quote on your unique setup.


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