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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my deck?

This is the number one question we get. We recommend using low pressure water and a mild soap. Car wash soap works great as a detergent and using a push broom to scrub usually gets the job done. For tough stains like rust and grease we carry a concentrated cleaner that usually does the job. Try and stay away from pressure washers because they will cause the deck to fade and wear much sooner. Also, bleach and ammonia will void your warranty.

How much would it cost to have my deck covered in vinyl? How do you estimate this?

Though every job is different we typically go on a square foot base. Remember that we usually add size so we can go up walls and down our flashing edge. If we take railings on and off, remove and reinstall siding, etc... this is also reflected in the price.

What type of plywood do you recommend be installed before our vinyl goes on?

Most decks have 5/8 tongue and groove (T&G) plywood. The T&G keeps the plywood together where they span over the joists. If there is no T&G then blocking is necessary. 3/4" plywood is great if you want a more solid feel but anything over that is unnecessary. Construction glue with spiral nails is most common for fastening but some like to use glue and screws for that little bit of extra assurance.

Do you recommend a regular grade vinyl or a roof grade vinyl?

This depends on your application. If you are building a new deck your building permit will call for a roof grade vinyl, or 60 mil minimum. Also, if you have living space under the deck, like a bedroom, then a roof grade vinyl is recommended. If you are simply having a new vinyl floor replacing an old one the choice is yours. Most new sundeck flooring is thicker than it once was so even a regular grade vinyl may be better than what you have now.

What type of warranty do I get with this product?

5 years workmanship
5 years manufacturer regular grade
10 years manufacturer heavy grade

How wide do rolls of vinyl come in?

Most vinyl sundeck flooring comes in 6 foot wide rolls. We also carry some 5 foot wide product.

How do you seal the joints?

All of our joints or seams are overlapped about 5/8 of an inch. We apply heat to the bottom side joining the vinyl together and then we pass over the seam again giving it a cap weld.

You've just finished installing the flooring and now I see bubbles.

During install we apply 2 solvent based materials, wood filler and glue. If these products go down in cooler conditions they may gas up when it gets warmer. Typically all gassing happens in the first day but may still linger for a couple weeks. If you notice bubbles after 2 weeks call us and we'll heat the area, reactivating the glue, and press it down. Please note that this only works for contact glue and not latex glue applications.

If there is a hole or rip in the vinyl can it be repaired and can I do it myself?

Whatever you do, DO NOT CAULK. This contaminates the vinyl making an otherwise easy fix, into a larger patch. If the rip or puncture is small we can usually fix this so that it becomes unnoticeable. If it is something large a patch can be installed. Patches are not covered under warranty.